Top 5 Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

Muay Thai Gloves

It is always vital for a beginner or competitive fighters in the Muay Thai background to use the appropriate gear such as Muay Thai Boxing gloves. There is a profound difference between regular training gloves and Muay Thai Boxing Gloves. The main difference is that Muay Thai gloves have a thicker wrist area, a more flexible grip, and are lightweight.

Before we embark on the best Muay Thai gloves, let’s see what you should consider before buying a pair. It entails the style, material, size, and weight. Also, you might consider a brand with quality products.

Here is a list of the top 5 Thai Boxing gloves (ムエタイ グローブ) you should probably try.

  1. Kanong Training Gloves  

Are you looking for an all-around training Muay Thai training gloves? Kanong Training Gloves are a viable option. Kanong has a good reputation for many decades through the manufacture of quality sporting products such as gloves.

This specific glove offers comfort to a Muay Thai fighter. It is made of leather material and has proven to be a durable product. You will not have to worry about shock absorption. Also, it is effective for protecting your knuckles and hands.

Kanong Boxing Gloves are suitable for sparring. However, they cost money compared to most gloves available in the market.

  • Twins Special Muay Thai Gloves

Twins Special is another reputable brand in the martial arts industry. The Twins Special Muay Thai gloves are a perfect selection for beginners and seasoned fighters. They come in different sizes; hence everybody can easily get his/her size.

Twins made these gloves with outstanding styles and quality. The interior is more spacious, thus making them comfortable and flexible. Also, it is enhanced with padding around the wrist areas for better protection.

Generally, the Twins Special Muay Thai Gloves are a good and affordable option if you are willing to invest in quality.

However, these gloves might feel slightly heavy and puffy, more so for users with smaller hand size.

  • Windy Thai Training Gloves

Windy is another brand with quality Muay Thai gloves. The Windy Thai training gloves are so excellent sturdy but still flexible for all levels of fighters. They are enhanced with multiple layers to ensure maximum safety for hands while training. In addition, it is fitted with a snug fit that is vital in shock management.

If you are that guy who considers owning classic yet traditional Muay Thai gloves, the Windy Thai training gloves are your ultimate choice. They adopt the hook and loop system that allows for a quick put on and removal all by yourself with no help from a partner. Isn’t that incredible?

With considerations that these gloves have a superior design, comfortable, and made of quality, they are worth the price.

This product’s setbacks are that Windy Thai training gloves are not well ventilated and are relatively not as durable as other brands after an extended period of use. 

  • Top King Muay Thai Gloves

The Top King Gloves are a durable option on our list and are made of leather. Also, they have an excellent design, making them well looking on your hands. Are your hands small-sized or medium-sized? Well, take it easy. The Top King gloves come in different sizes from which you can select what fits you.

To better perform while training and fighting, they come with a quality foam padding to protect a Muay Thai fighter’s hands. That makes them suitable for exploring your potential; thus, you can hit heavy bags, and knuckles are well protected.

The major drawback of the Top King Muay Thai gloves is that they might feel bulky. However, it depends on the size and model.

  • YOKKAO Matrix Gloves

The YOKKAO Matrix gloves are among the best crafted Muay Thai gloves you will find in the market. They are made of leather and more relatively durable foam. Therefore, they can comfortable on your hands even when hitting hard.

They allow space to easily make a fist without causing much stiffness on your hands. Also, they are efficient at absorbing shock and comes with double stitched seams to enhance durability.

What makes the YOKKAO Matrix standout is their stylish designs on the gloves.

However, despite it being a good selection, most users have negatively commented on the durability. They are not durable Muay Thai gloves like other similar brands.

Final Thought

The above list suggests the best Muay Thai boxing gloves you should purchase in the market. It is worth noting that the best training experience requires you to invest in a pair of quality Muay Thai gloves.

You may also try other suitable gloves such as the Venom Challenger 2.0, MTP Fight Gear Muay Thai gloves, the Anthem Athletics Stormbringer gloves, and the Boon Thai Style Training gloves.