How to Select Muay Thai Shorts?

pantalon Muay Thai, Pantalon Boxeo Tailandes
Pantalon Muay Thai

Muay Thai Shorts are an essential training gear designed to enable Muay Thai fighters to have a maximum airflow on the lower body and allow free movement of legs while training. Also, they are significant in reducing the friction a Muay Thai fighter may experience while striking. With so many styles of training shorts and brands, choosing the right Muay Thai shorts (Pantaloncini Muay Thai) can be a challenging experience. Worry no more! We have a guide on how to select the best Muay Thai shorts suitable for any user.

You should select a Muay Thai short based on the following factors:

short muay thai personnalise
Short Muay Thai Personnalisé
  • Materials

Most of the Muay Thai brands make their shorts using two types of materials, i.e., nylon and Satin. Also, materials such as polyester/elastane have recently entered the market. The material you choose will highly affect your comfort while training and the Muay Thai shorts’ price.

Let’s dig deeper and have a better understanding.

Nylon Muay Thai shorts have their advantages as well as faults. They are usually thick, dries up quickly, relatively durable, and they are a cheaper option. Also, they are suitable for lounging. What are the setbacks of shorts made of nylon material? They quickly get drenched with sweat, and in some cases, those of low quality tend to be translucent.

On the other hand, Muay Thai shorts made of Satin are a premium option. Why? Compared to the nylon material, Satin is more durable, light, and offer more comfort to a trainer. However, you will they are relatively expensive compared to nylon material shorts.

Lastly, other brands are making shorts from polyester-elastane materials. They are also great in terms of comfort and durability. However, most of these shorts are styled as MMA or Hybrid shorts.

What suits you better?

Spondenki do Muay Thai
Spondenki do Muay Thai
  • Perfect fit

A perfect fit means that you are comfortable while wearing it, and your movement is not constrained while training. If you plan to buy your Muay Thai short from a physical store, it will save you the hassle of finding your perfect fit since you can try it right there.

 Also, you can purchase your short online but pay attention to your size. In such cases, you can always size up a little to avoid too-tight shorts. A little bigger size is better since you can roll it up for a tighter fit.

It is worth noting that sizes differ in Thailand, Europe, to North America. It will be of significance if you counter check your size charts depending on your respective place of purchase.

  • Understand different short styles

What is the difference between Muay Thai shorts and other styles such as kickboxing and MMA shorts?

Well, Muay Thai shorts are designed to be shorter and exposes a fighter’s muscles.

MMA shorts adopt a design similar to swimming board shorts and have an extended stretch in the groin area. It is meant to provide coverage when rolling around the ground.

Finally, kicking boxing shorts are designed with extended legs compared to Muay Thai shorts. They do not expose the upper parts of the fighters’ legs.

If your training background is Muay Thai, go for a pair of quality Muay Thai shorts instead of any other style. Muay Thai shorts may take a regular or retro design. The retro shorts are much shorter than the regular ones; thus, it is unnecessary to do further roll-up. Besides, the side legs are made of different materials to make them tighter.

  • Customs on a short

Depending on your personal preference, you can buy plain Muay Thai shorts or go further for a customized option. Customization will entail adding patches and other print designs on your short to enhance its looks.

However, you must be aware that custom shorts can be a bit pricey compared to plain ones.

  • Brands

It is essential to buy your Muay Thai Shorts from brands with a good reputation. Some brands are keen to satisfy their customers’ needs from high-quality material, pricing, and durability to comfort. Nonetheless, shorts from other brands might leave you frustrated.

Each brand has its pros and drawbacks. Which are the best Muay Thai short brands in the market?

  1. Kanong
  2. Classic
  3. Boxsense
  4. Top King
  5. Fairtex
  6. Lumpinee
  7. Twins Special
  8. Venum

However, other brands still offer quality Muay Thai shorts. Research on the best short suiting your needs and budget.


So far, you have e better understating of what to look for when buying a Muay Thai short as a beginner or a seasoned fighter. You should always take your training with the right gear.